Selective herbicide

Question: Selective herbicide

I have the selective herbicide not active on the Gramineae.
Should I use with the pump before or after cutting the lawn?

Selective herbicide: Answer: Selective herbicide

Dear Mr. Baldinelli,
We thank you for contacting us about your questions on weeding the lawn through the book of the Expert
The lawn after sowing can be normally infested with some foreign essences, in fact some weeds are born from seeds present in neighboring fields and transported by wind, water, birds, animals and humans. The presence of even a few weeds should never be neglected as, especially in favorable climatic conditions, they can reproduce very quickly. Annual grasses, for example, can produce up to 20,000 seeds per year. It is logical that not everyone
they will give as many plants but they will certainly contribute to the expansion of the infestation. The settlement of weeds is therefore favored by the
incorrect fertilization, drought (sometimes caused by insufficient irrigation), excessive humidity (sometimes caused by over-abundant irrigation), excessive wear (especially in sports fields) and also too low shearing.
Using a selective herbicide not active with grasses it is very important that the use of these substances takes place with all the necessary precautions. Treatments are not recommended in periods when temperatures are below 12 ° C, but especially when they still occur frosted, or the maximum temperatures exceed 28 ° C. It is a good rule that the turf is not in conditions of water stress, but rather treatments
should be carried out in periods favorable to growth, but never immediately close to nitrogenous fertilizations (at least 7-10 days before), fertilizations with iron. During the year, for lawns composed of microthermal the best periods are those of spring and late summer, while for carpets composed of macrotherm they are those after the complete spring vegetative recovery. In general, for a successful treatment, it is important that the pest is not under stress, such as
after a cut, but rather it is characterized by a good metabolic activity.