Lawn with few needs

Question: Prato with few needs

Good morning,
I would like an advice, I bought an apartment with an adjacent garden built in an embankment, since the only access to reach the garden is the dining room and since I have no place outside to keep the gardening tools, I would plant a type of grass that does not need shearing.
Thanks, I forgot to write from the Marche.

Prato with few needs: Answer: Prato with few needs

Dear Claudia,
Thank you for contacting us about your questions on the lawn, via the "" expert's column.
The most suitable lawn for your needs is that of Dichondra as it does not need to be clipped and therefore does not require any space for common maintenance tools. Height 2-3 cm, with creeping stems on the ground, which at each node produce roots and small leaves, 1-1.5 cm wide. The flowers, white, funnel-shaped, bloom in the summer period. The best time for the sowing of the Dichondra is generally the month of April May and it can be planted even in soils only 20-30 cm deep, the important thing is to administer a sufficient amount of nourishment and water.
Sowing must be done superficially.
Since it is a very fine seed it is a good rule to perform the operation on a tempered soil (not too wet or dry) and perfectly administrated.
In order to favor the distribution of this seed in the absence of precision machines, it is advisable to mix the quantity of seed foreseen for the surface together with peat or other material useful for tracing the areas sown and also avoiding easy overlapping.
Although Dicondra is a plant tolerant to drought, in the early stages of development it is very sensitive and therefore together with a correct preparation of the soil, burial of the seed, it is good to facilitate sprouting with light but repeated watering (it is sufficient that the water penetrate at least in the first 5 cm of depth)
The recommended technique for fertilizing a new plant of a Dicondra turf is to intervene in pre-sowing on soil worked during the first grubbing-up trying to incorporate the fertilizer at a reasonable depth.
Later in the beginning of vegetation phase, it will then be necessary to go over again with other fertilizer to consolidate the development of the young seedlings.
With best regards