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Garden furniture

Plastic children's houses

In the field of garden games, the plastic house also plays an important role. Who decides to have a space dedicated to games cannot certainly not consider the need for an area large enough to be able to insert what is necessary for the amusement of the child.
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Bacopa is a perennial aquatic herbaceous plant widespread in most tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, America, Australia and Africa. It has thin fleshy stems, very branched, creeping, erect; which grow mainly under water, and carry numerous small, succulent, thick, light green leaves; the stems are covered with a thin hair; the stems that reach the surface, rising from the surface of the water, produce numerous flowers with 4-5 petals, white or lilac.
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Cheap fences, budget options that will not only protect the territory, but also decorate the site

Cheap fences and budget options for fences around a suburban area are in no way associated with low-quality. Of course, the owners of country cottages prefer to build exclusive hedges, but to designate the territory of a small garden and courtyard it is not necessary to lay out large sums. A wide range of cheap building materials, as well as the owner's imagination, will allow you to build a country fence that will last for many years without losing its decorative appearance.
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Fruit and Vegetables

How to recognize the Kiwi

Question: Kiwi male or female? Four years ago, maybe even five, I bought a kiwi plant. The plant is growing well but I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing a fruit. When I bought it I asked for the couple (male and female), but I was told that the plant was self-fertile.
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Sealing wax

On this page we will talk about: sealing wax: The sealing wax finish is carried out on wooden furniture previously unpicked, polished and finished with a special product to clog the pores. The so prepared wood must be treated with a mixture of alcohol and shellac, a product that will allow us to obtain a polished wood protected from the passage of the anus, but with the visible staining and the texture of the wood.
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Peony: A thousand virtues have been attributed to this plant, widespread in Europe even in the wild, since ancient times; besides being used as a painkiller, it was said that a twig tied to the neck of the mad could cure them of madness. Pliny the Elder speaks of it as the plant of the god Peone, doctor of the gods to whom he owes the name.
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