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Pomegranate - Punica granatum

Il Melograno Il Melograno is one of the most cultivated fruit plants in the Mediterranean area; it has Asian origins, but already several centuries ago its cultivation spread in the hottest and driest areas of the Mediterranean, where it develops at its best. It is a large shrub, which produces numerous basal suckers, generally in cultivation the central stem is chosen and the suckers are removed, so as to allow the development of a small tree, with deciduous leaves; it has rough and wrinkled bark, of light color, the leaves are small lanceolate, of light green color, they become orange before falling, in autumn.
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How to significantly increase the yield of garlic at home

Garlic in home gardens is a fairly common crop. Is this really so, and what are the ways to increase the yield of garlic? This will be discussed below. ContentsHow to choose high-quality planting material Methods for increasing yieldsSowing bulbsHow to choose high-quality planting material Garlic is a popular vegetable crop among many peoples.
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Orchis mascula

Orchis mascula: ORCHIS MASCULA L. ORCHIDACEAE Male orchid Plant herbaceous 20 to 50 cm tall. Whole tubers. Stems with purple, reddish spots on the top. Leaves often spotted with black. Ear with many purple flowers, trilobal labellum, long big spur, acute external tepals. Flower. : V - VII. It grows in grassy and wooded areas of medium mountain (500 - 1500 m).
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Apartment plants

Primula obconica

Perennial herb of Asian origin. It produces a basal rosette, consisting of large, green, roundish leaves with wavy edges, generally quite rigid and compact; they are covered with a thin hair, which can cause skin irritation in sensitive individuals. From autumn until late spring from the center of the rosette, a long, slightly fleshy, erect stem develops, bearing numerous five-petalled flowers, in shades of pink and purple.
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Citrus tree from ordinary stone">Citrus tree from ordinary stone

Girls, and maybe boys, have you ever tried to grow a real tree from a lemon seed (orange, tangerine, etc.) at home? What do you think, if the seed still sprouts, will the tree bear fruit? Once, for the sake of experiment, I planted a grapefruit seed in a pot, to be more precise, three seeds.
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